What Were Roman Coins Called?

Answer The smallest unit of money during ancient Roman times was the sestertius, a silver coin. There were four sesteri in one silver denarius and 25 denarii in one gold aureus coin.Source:Kingsmead Hackn... Read More »

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Who were the kansas city monarchs?

Formed in 1920, the Kansas City Monarchs were an original member of the Negro National League. In 1924, the Monarchs won the first Negro League World Series. The Monarchs sent more players to Major... Read More »

What was the area in square miles of the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire covered 2.2 million square mile at the height of its power in the first and second centuries A.D. At that time, as many as 60 million people claimed Roman citizenship.References:UN... Read More »

What is the name of the city that was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire?

Emperor Constantine made the city of Byzantium his capital of the Roman Empire and renamed the city Constantinople. As the Roman Empire fractured into an eastern and western empire, Constantinople ... Read More »

Did women work during the Roman Empire?

Women who chose to work during the Roman Empire had a variety of professions, including doctors, tailors, merchants, secretaries and teachers. Most of the work during the Roman Empire was done by s... Read More »