What were the WW2 vegetable gardens called?

Answer World War II Vegetable Gardens These were known as Victory Gardens, and were an effort to maintain the supply of food during the war years. In this way, everyone could participate and feel they wer... Read More »

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Vegetable Gardens in Phoenix?

Because of the unique, hot climate of Phoenix, Arizona, vegetable gardening there is not like growing vegetables in the more temperate regions of the country. The website, Growing in Arizona, says ... Read More »

How do I add nitrogen to vegetable gardens?

Add Nitrogen to CropsPurchase a pH test from a garden center, or send a soil sample to a local agricultural center. Determine how much nitrogen, as well as any other nutrients, is needed to grow he... Read More »

Bugs in Vegetable Gardens?

Vegetable gardens are susceptible to visits and infestations by a wide variety of bugs that feed on all parts of vegetable plants. Damage ranges from cosmetic to severe injury, so become accustomed... Read More »

Gopher Protection in Vegetable Gardens?

Gophers are troublesome garden pests. They can dig through a vegetable garden, eating the roots of plants or taking the plant whole, without being seen. Their holes create large mounds of dirt in g... Read More »