Is Paying Someone's Expenses Coercive Adoption Practice?

Answer Yes, it is one of the most blatant forms of coercion. How can a mother make a non-pressured, non-coerced decision after the birth of her baby if she's financially and morally indebted to the people... Read More »

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What food acts as a glue?

Peanut Butter and/or melted chocolateEgg white is a very strong glue. Flour and water with a little salt.

What is the purpose of medical practice acts?

A medical practice act sets the rules for doctors in a state. It typically defines what qualifies as a medical practice subject to oversight by the state medical board, and it spells out the sancti... Read More »

What acts as a catalyst in self-cleaning ovens?

It should turn off.A switch is fitted to turn off the light whilst the door is closed to avoid wasting money on electricity. It would be wasted in two ways: you don't need the light to be on - you'... Read More »

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Alot of diseases. It can be drug influenced also.