What were the Aztecs religious practices?

Answer Aztecs would make human sacrifices in order to keep their gods satisfied. They would hold special ceremonies to do these sacrifices and to guide the soul of the sacrificed person to the eternal hou... Read More »

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What were some birth practices of the Aztecs?

AnswerArtsEnglishForeignHistoryMiscellaneousMoviesMusicNovelsPeoplePoliticsReligionScienceSportsTechnology Login: Member LoginJoin Now! Essays about days Aztecs Aztecs ... They used another calenda... Read More »

What Were Some of the Discoveries of the Aztecs?

The people of Central Mexico and American City states during the period 12th to 15th centuries were known as the Aztecs. The Aztec Empire was founded by people who were once nomads called the Mexic... Read More »

What did the Aztecs grow for food?

According to Pacific Lutheran University's Aztec Website, the Aztecs primarily grew maize (corn), beans, squash and chili peppers for food. Although they were primarily vegetarian, they also raised... Read More »

Did Aztecs use any oil in their cooking?

They didn't use oil since the cooking was done in clay pots. Even the comal was clay even though a majority of native communities use metal now.You can use ground corn flour. It will work since tha... Read More »