What were settlement houses?

Answer Settlement houses were an outgrowth of the settlement movement of the 19th century. They were a location where the poor/immigrants could be instructed by live-in volunteers.Where They StartedThe s... Read More »

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Who started settlement houses?

Canon Samuel Barnett started the first settlement house in London in 1884. These houses provided things like public health services, educational classes and recreational activities. The first U.S.-... Read More »

Difference Between Settlement Houses & Charity Organization Societies?

Both charity organizations and settlement houses provide value to the communities they serve. However, they work in very different ways. Settlement houses are intended to serve a community of indiv... Read More »

What were houses like in colonial times?

Colonists traveling to America in the 1600s had to rely on their skills to build homes for their families. These often started out as no more than small shelters from the elements, Indians and wild... Read More »

When&what year were electric meters installed in houses?

In 1882 Thomas Edison started his first electric company and developed a chemical electrical meter that consisted of a jar holding two zinc plates that were connected to a customer's electrical cir... Read More »