What were ovens used for in Greece?

Answer Any refrigeration system (home air conditioner, refrigerator, automotive air conditioner...) uses the evaporation cycle of the refrigerant to remove heat from an object. The evaporation cycle of r... Read More »

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Do Greece still use clay ovens to make bread?

Cooked salmon will stay good longer than raw salmon. You can keep cooked salmon in the refrigerator for about 5 days. Any longer than that and it will start to spoil.

Dose Greece still make bread in clay ovens?

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Do Toaster Ovens (Counter-top ovens) fall under the definition of "Electronics"?

I would call that a small Kitchen Appliance better be just like new in the original packaging 90 days. A kitchen radio tv would be electronics. Sears is not like they used to be "satisfaction guara... Read More »

Are fan assisted ovens quicker or hotter than normal ovens?

Pull the old one out and put a new one inEasy. Find it.