What were five modern kitchen appliances common by 1940?

Answer Electrical appliances began appearing at the beginning of the 20th century, offering new-found convenience for homemakers. Many of today's standard kitchen appliances could be found in kitchens of ... Read More »

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What were some common home appliances used in the 1970s?

These were 2 of the main hom eappliances in the 1970's.Microwave: The microwave has been commercially available since the 1950's but it did become popular in Australian homes until the late 1970's,... Read More »

What are the common names of five shrubs and five climbers commonly used for planting along roadsides or parks?

in singapore: 5 common shrubs: 1. spider lily 2. bi-colored excoecaria 3. dwarf lemon 4. golden dewdrop 5. ixora 5 common climbers: 1. bougainvillea 2. morning glory 3. money plant 4. go... Read More »

What Bandages were used in 1940?

Answer They used curity economy triangular bandages made by the division of the Kendell Co. They used many other bandages but they were all different shapes and sizes of the triangular bandages an... Read More »

What were the US Foreign policy issues form 1876-1940?