Do the new orleans saints have the best quarterback in the leauge with drew brees?

Answer He has the best numbers of any QB in history over the past five years. He owns most of the records. He is the most accurate QB in history, and he is on one of the best teams.... so yea. If anyone ... Read More »

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What part of the studio did Ellen degeneres name in honor of Drew Brees and his wife?

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What are the stats on a f-35?

Origin:USAType:Multi-purpose tactical fighterMax Speed:1,200 mph or Mach 1.2Max Range:1,500 km/932 milesDimensions:span 10.70 m/35 ft 1 1/4 in length 15.47 m/50 ft 9 in height 5.18 m/17 ftWeight:em... Read More »

What stats should i get for my computer?

CPU: i5 3570K or above (i7 3770K)Motherboard: Any good Z77 chipset from one of these manufacturers (MSI, ASrock, Asus, Gigabyte)RAM: 8GB to 16GB DDR3GPU: AMD HD 6870 or above (HD7850); Nvidia GTX 5... Read More »