What were cameras used for?

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How were cameras used in non traditional ways?

inside missiles to photograph foreign countries for military purposes, inside layer cakes to improve leavening agents manufactured by chemical companies, and aboard rockets to record details of the... Read More »

Could the lenses used on film SLR cameras be used on digital SLRs too?

Most newer auto focus lenses will fit onto the newer digital SLR bodies.Pentax and Nikon DSLRs will accommodate just about any lens ever made for their film predecessors.They will not use all the a... Read More »

What year were spy cameras invented?

The first spy camera was likely made in 1865 in France. This camera was a wooden daguerreotype sliding box camera that took only black and white pictures. It measured 1 inch by 1 2/3 inches.Source:... Read More »

What is Digital Cameras Used for?