What were the last words of 'Gone With the Wind' the book?

Answer Scarlett can't bear to think of it (losing Rhett) today so she would think of it tommorrow as she is fond of saying and plans to return to Tara (her home and safehaven before the war even began).

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What Walt Disney song has the words algebra& trigonometry in it?

According to several song lyric databases (see References), there are no Disney songs that have the words "algebra" and "trigonometry." However, the popular Sam Cooke song "Wonderful World" has the... Read More »

In one episode of the tv show ben 10 Gwen tells ben that he win any girl's heart with 2 words What were those two words?

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Originally he was just a monster who enjoyed cookies and demonstrated stuff like "slow" and "fast". When parents complained about child obesity from cookie monster's habits, they turned him into a ... Read More »

What are Robert E . lee's last words?

He is supposed to have started to hallucinate that he was giving orders to Ambrose.P.Hill. If true, this would be an uncanny coincidence, as this was exactly what Stonewall Jackson is known to have... Read More »