How many George Washington half dollars were minted& where?

Answer The George Washington silver half dollar was created in 1982 as a commemorative coin to mark the 250th anniversary of Washington's birth. The face of the coin depicts George Washington on horseback... Read More »

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How many George Washington half dollars were minted and where?

The 1982 George Washington 250th anniversary commemorative half dollar, honoring the birth of the first president, was minted in two locations--2,210,458 uncirculated coins were minted at a facilit... Read More »

In what Washington DC neighborhood can you find the Department of Defense and the George Washington University?

What land did George Washington own?

George Washington owned large amounts of land throughout his life and believed his vocation was a farmer. His most famous plot of land was Mount Vernon, his estate, which today is a National Histor... Read More »

What kind of car did George Washington own?

He rode a magnificent white stallion. And he rode it on the front lines of battle, with no fear. He was never hit with a bullet, although many passed through his clothing in near misses. Also, they... Read More »