What went wrong with this camera i had to return?

Answer There may or may not have been anything wrong.I am not sure what you mean by set to normal, but if the camera is set to auto mode, the flash will not go off unless it is needed. But if the flash po... Read More »

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What is wrong with this camera?

I'd say something has broken in the lens mechanism. So, unless it's still under warranty, it's done.These cheap, small cameras are throw away like an old cell phone. When, not if, it breaks youtr... Read More »

On this episode of Hannah Montana there dad went on a date so miley went to the movies with her friends what movie did she want to go see?

The name of the movie was never said, but it was a movie with apparently Ashton Kutcher.

What went wrong with my husbands UA?

WHAT WENT WRONG?????I had baby at 18. I've never had an issue with DCYS or SS, or drugs, or alcohol. I went to college. I make over 50K a year now 10 years after having a baby, and I now live a ver... Read More »

What went wrong with the space shuttle the challenger?