What went wrong with my husbands UA?

Answer WHAT WENT WRONG?????I had baby at 18. I've never had an issue with DCYS or SS, or drugs, or alcohol. I went to college. I make over 50K a year now 10 years after having a baby, and I now live a ver... Read More »

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What went wrong with the space shuttle the challenger?

What went wrong with this camera i had to return?

There may or may not have been anything wrong.I am not sure what you mean by set to normal, but if the camera is set to auto mode, the flash will not go off unless it is needed. But if the flash po... Read More »

IPad help: When my daughter went to update her ipad something went wrong and it was restored back?

You can pretty much only get back things you have ever backed up into itunes.If you have ever done a sync in iTunes you probably did a back up.Plug it into iTunes do a "restore from backup" and pic... Read More »


Nothing went wrong...the Indonesians are acting as a transit lounge for those traveling illegally to Australia & our dumb government is too darn stupid & gutless to stand up to them .Of course the... Read More »