What weight would a 3 month premature baby be?

Answer A baby born at week 26 - the last week of the second trimester would be 14" long and weigh about 1 pound 8 ounces.

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You just lost a baby premature an your boyfriend wanted to have sex after 2 week is that okalso the baby was premature because of yeast infection i had i do have to wait until i get ride of the infec?

2 weeks is not enough time. after a mother gives birth she is unclean because of all the blood that you lost. if your child was a boy wait until 6 weeks, but if a girl wait until I think 12-18 week... Read More »

What is the right weight for a 7 month baby?

an average 7 pound baby would weigh 17 to 18 pounds by the 7 the month but that is only if the baby is average when born 7 pounds you should research to make sure.

Weight of a 6 month old baby?

There is nothing like absolutely normal weight for a given age. It also depends on birth weight. Babies gain about 600grams per month for the first six months. The birth weight is approximately dou... Read More »

How much should an 8 month old baby weight?

Baby's AgeHealthy Weight RangeHealthy Height Range8 Months7.1 Kg - 10.9 Kg66.0 cm - 76.0 cm8 Months15.6 lbs - 24.0 lbs26.0 inches - 29.9 inches