What weight oil does a 1996 Ford Taurus use?

Answer Ford specifically recommends that "engine oils with an SAE 5W-30 viscosity are preferred" in the 1996 Taurus. The manual goes on, "they provide the best engine performance, fuel economy and engine ... Read More »

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What is the weight of a 1997 Ford Taurus?

The "curb weight" of a 1997 Ford Taurus is 1,509kg, or 3,319.8 pounds (approximately 1.7 tons). This weight includes the V6 engine,16-gallon unleaded gasoline fuel tank (not including fuel), and al... Read More »

How to Replace the Taillight of a 1996 Ford Taurus?

The 1996 Ford Taurus has an array of taillights that alert other drivers of your Taurus' presence and intentions. The running lights, turn signal lights, brake lights and hazard flashers all activa... Read More »

How to Replace a PVC Valve on a 1996 Ford Taurus?

The PCV valve, which stands for the positive crankcase ventilation valve, is an important component in your Ford Taurus. The PCV valve's job is to remove gasses from inside of the crankcase. Removi... Read More »

How to Remove the Plugs on a 1996 Ford Taurus?

When a vehicle, such as a 1996 Taurus, begins to misfire, it is an indication that a spark plug may have fouled or gone bad. In order to check and see if a spark plug has gone bad it will need to b... Read More »