What week does the 8th month of pregancy start?

Answer The eighth month of pregnancy starts at the 31st week of pregnancy. The eighth-month of pregnancy covers the 31st to 34th week. The baby grows from about 3.5 pounds to five pounds during this time.... Read More »

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Can you do a home pregancy test a week after your period?

Taking an at-home pregnancy test a week after having your period may render inaccurate results such as a false negative. For more accurate results, take a pregnancy test after missing your period. ... Read More »

My periods start late one month and early the next and this month will be late but my bf went in a inch dont precum and was in there for 3sec and i was on my 15day of ovulation can i be pregnant?

I'm not sure I understand...take a pregnancy test and find out!

How to loose 30 lbs in month and a week?

Reduce your calories. Calorie reduction is a balancing act; cut them too much and you slow your metabolism down. If you do not reduce them enough, you will burn very few. Women need to multiply the... Read More »

If your period does not start until next week but you start to have brown spotting does that mean anything?

Answer Depending on the length of time you have this spotting, you could be experiencing what is called, implantation bleeding. But from my experience, this could also be the early signs of a misse... Read More »