What websites gives you viruses?

Answer ANY site that accepts content from the general public will be a source of viruses. Commercial sites are fairly scrupulous about their content as they are subject to being sued if the content is con... Read More »

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What websites can i get free music downloads for my ipod touch without viruses?

Please keep in mind that you can download/share only copyright-free (classical, nursery rhymes) music for free, unless the copyright owners allow free downloading/sharing of their material. ALL sit... Read More »

Can macs get viruses from websites?

There are no viruses that will infect the Mac's OS X..."Today, the number of viruses actively attacking OS X users is none." you came across some malware (highly u... Read More »

Why do porn websites have viruses?

Not all do. If you have your computer secured and know what sites are safe, you won't get any.

How doI get rid of these viruses I got when I was looking at x-rated websites?

No antivirus is 100%. However, they protect from ~99% or viruses or so. Still , that 1 % can be annoying. MyWot is ok, but it protects from long-lasting scams usually and not from actual malware th... Read More »