What websites can i use to make my own web sites?

Answer For hosting ?or to get back ground images and codes?well there's which is from yahoo, but there are lots of other smaller and other similar ones, and you can find them on a search engine

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What are some good sites where I can make FREE websites?

Available now in USA, UK, France, Germany, and JapanMicrosoft Office Live Basics is the easy way to get started on the Web. If you have always wanted your own Web site, Office Live has just made it... Read More »

How to prevent/stop our websites fr getting hackedWhy Government can't maintain security of there own sites?

we have to install Linux to prevent any hacks...Linux is OS which is very immune to Virus and hackers..In windows every thing is built in,so the hackers will know how to manipulate the software..So... Read More »

What kind of sites music download sites are free?

For _legal_ mp3 downloads, try eMusic (see )What I like most about them:- their selection is exceptional. Being a music junkie for 20+ years, I've never before came across ... Read More »

What if the future of all sites becomes like facebook in that they make you pay?

Just use the internet for research, but people will set up there own sites that are not monitored or need money. Take this site its prublic, yet people are asking how to crack windows etc if you he... Read More »