What website would let Me get an Image Link?


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Is there another website where many people uploads an image to show it up from its website, & that they type?

How do I make an image link?

Open your website's design program or a text editor such as Notepad. You need to access the HTML that controls what is displayed on the website.Copy and paste the following text completely: . Do no... Read More »

Give me another link of this image in HD Quality.?

Knock yourself out…Next time, open in the box where you type your search term, just drag the image thereThen from the results, ... Read More »

How to create a Java Script image button link?

Simply enclose the tag within tag just like a hyperlink.For example:target="_blank" opens the link in a new tab. If you want to open the link in the same tab, remove this bit. Otherwise, this wou... Read More »