What website should you go to if you want to see car seats?


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If i want to make a dsi compatible website, what size should the pages be to fit the dsi?

352 pixels down, 240 pixels across.also, at the start of your html page,put this code:document.body.scrollTop = 176;here are some other things.Detecting if the user is using a dsi: window.onloa... Read More »

I want to build website in html format. But i want to publish my site with another web hosting company.?

There are many site builders available on internet. Some of them are weebly, angelfire, hpage, squarespace etc. You can just google for site builder and you will get many options for that.http://ww... Read More »

I totaled my Dads brand new car, but i don't want to tell him...i just want to hide it, what should i do?

As a parent (father) I agree with those who advised you to tell the truth. Understand that you really screwed up, accept responsibility, tell the truth and maybe in 10 or 15 years he'll forgive ... Read More »

You are a 15 year old soon to be dad and you want to keep the baby but your girlfriend doesnt want you to What should you do?

its very hard to raise a child now a days.everything is so have to ask yourself a few guestion.1 is any one else going to help you raise the child.2 can you afford the child.3is this what ... Read More »