What website did bella from twilight go to about the cold one?

Answer Bella used Google to search for vampires.She used Google and then Thunderbird and Whale website from Google. The websites were created for the movie only and do not actually existThis is what she w... Read More »

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In Twilight the movie, Bella goes on a google search (the cold ones) where can i find that exact page?

How to Act Like Bella from Twilight?

Bella is the beautiful and wonderful main character for the famous Twilight saga. She adores the Cullen family and loves Edward Cullen even more.

How to Look Like Bella Swan from Twilight?

Isabella Swan is one of the main characters in the book Twilight series. She is admired by boys for her looks and actions.

What is the last name of Bella in the book"Twilight"?

The female protagonist in the "Twilight" book and movie series is named Isabella Swan, or Bella for short. The author, Stephanie Meyer, wanted Isabella to be her daughter's name if she had had a da... Read More »