What website can you use to call people using your computer?

Answer There is a website like this http://www.jaxtr.comyou can send free SMS to anyone by this siteThere are softwares available for this but they charge for Computer to phone, calls.But The PC to PC cal... Read More »

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How to Call People Through the Computer by Hooking a Phone to It?

Both cell phone and land-line telephone bills can be expensive, especially when making long-distance, international or roaming calls. As a cost-efficient alternative to these bills, you can use an ... Read More »

Can people reach the ASOS website without signing in or is it just my computer?

Which one, one might ask!…… Read More »

What is the crimesite website on the computer where a person can contact the people there and discuss what is ?

No idea what you're talking about, but might be right up your alley.

Why is it ok to call skinny people (+natural ones) 'sticks/skeletons' and not to call all fat people 'whales'?

Hmm interesting question.. I completely agree with you though.People always call me a twig and a stick and i just feel like calling them a fatass but i cant :/ Its because being skinny is considere... Read More »