What website are able to send questions into the blame game BBC one?

Answer It's one of most subversive elements in UK society. I left the UK two years ago, and the BBC was one of the reasons I left. Biased, lying, ultra-left wing. A cancer. Orwellian. I'd simply had enough.

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Where on the Game Show Network website do you find the trivia questions?

Pretty much any short word relating to SpongeBob such as: happy and sponge.

When will the next series of The Blame Game be aired on BBC?

How to Mentally Not Play the Blame Game when Modeling and Acting?

As an actor or model you will be dealing with many types of hiring clients such as photographers, casting directors, art directors, talent agents, talent managers, etc. Many models and actors feel ... Read More »

I blame all great cooks. Can you guess what I blame them for?

Yes!Curse you Keebler elves!You too Girl Scouts!And all you other creators of irresistibly tempting and self-indulgent decadence..