What way should a garden face for sunlight?

Answer it doesn`t matter because all of the plants will turn to face the sun no matter which way it is facing in the first place.

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How many hours of sunlight does a vegetable garden need?

When planting a vegetable garden, plant where the vegetables can get plenty of sunlight. Most vegetables need at least six hours of sunlight; however, some vegetables--such as lettuce, radishes, sp... Read More »

I want to start a vegetable garden, but my yard gets very little sunlight?

what ever plant you choose maybe growing in containers would help,as you can move them( not daily ) as the sunny area in yard changes over the weeks and season.I have to grow in containers because... Read More »

I have a big tree at the bottom of my garden. its not on my land, but stops me getting much sunlight.?

get some big copper nails and hammer them into the bottom of the tree.The copper absorbs into the tree and kills it totallyTree gone and sunlight comes throughNow you can get a good tan

What is this condition - boy aged 5 symptoms include anhidrosis heat sensitivity and red yellow blotchy face occurs during exercise and temps above 70 much faster above 80 and direct sunlight above 70?

My daughter gets a yellow/green/greyish blotchy face when she overheats (she has anhidrosis of undetermined origin). and has done so since birth (she's in her 20s now). This was caused by exposure ... Read More »