What way does the electrical outlet go in?

Answer In the United States, standard practice for installing electrical outlets dictates that the single ground hole points down, while the positive and negative slits are toward the top of the outlet. E... Read More »

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Bad electrical outlet?

If your house was built or remodeled after 1987, then there should be at least 4 GFCI receptacles in you home: 1 for all bathroom receptacles, 2 for kitchen countertop circuits, and 1 for garage a... Read More »

How to Fix an Electrical Outlet in Your Kitchen?

Electrical outlets in your home, like those in your kitchen, are convenient for powering lights, appliances and other devices. If an electrical outlet isn't working, it's not only inconvenient, but... Read More »

Electrical buzzing from outlet?

If you DON'T think you can do this DON"T try. If you die - its not my fault.This can be one of two things, old faulty receptacle (the contacts inside are not grabbing the prongs on the plug correct... Read More »

How to Wire an RV Electrical Outlet?

Camping can be quite enjoyable and RV camping allows you to bring the conveniences of your home on the road. RVs can come equipped with bathrooms, stoves, hot water, air conditioners and even dishw... Read More »