What wavelength is BBC Essex?

Answer Pick the plateau to the west of the Nile River. Pick 52 degrees. Pick limestone. Pick any of the headdresses. Pick 75% farmers, 15% craftsmen, and 10% officials. Do not use slaves. Pick potato... Read More »

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What is the wavelength of the longest wavelength light that can be seen with the human eye?

The longest wavelength of light visible to the human eye is red and is between 620 to 780 nanometers in length. The shortest wavelength of light visible to the human eye is violet and is between 40... Read More »

Why have Martin and Su been taken off air on Essex FM?

On Friday the topic was about if you want heterosexual people in a homo/bisexual club, and Martin was being his usual self, comparing it to do you want non-bikers in a bikers night out etc. and say... Read More »

What does reem mean in Essex?

"Reem" is used to describe things that look good.

How to Be an Essex Grunge Girl?

a Essex Grunge girlA Essex-grunge girl is a cross between a Essex girl and a grunge girl to make a woman who was born, risen and lives in Essex and spends her nights partying and her days jamming.