What water bottles contain bpa?

Answer Water bottles that may contain Bisphenol A, or BPA, are the harder plastic bottles made with polycarbonate plastics. These can be identified by checking the recycle symbol. If it has #7 on the symb... Read More »

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Differences Between Reusable Water Bottles and Plastic Bottles?

Designers and manufacturers make water bottles in a variety of different styles and shapes. If a bottle is a single use only, attention is paid to certain aspects, such as safety-sealed lids. If a ... Read More »

Do PUR 2 Stage water filters fit water coolers& bottles?

The Pur 2 Stage line of water dispensers and filters are not designed to fit water coolers and bottles; however, water from a Pur 2 Stage water dispenser can be filtered and poured directly into a ... Read More »

Bad to reuse water bottles from bottled water?

is possable but if you wash it occationally it should be fine. plus you have an imune system for a reason. if your never exposed to germs , when germs do come along you'll be screwed.

How do i clean water bottles?

Fill your sink with 1 gallon hot water and 2 tbsp. dish soap. Submerge your water bottle in the solution, filling the bottle with the soapy water. Cover the bottle with your hand and shake vigorous... Read More »