What was your worst experience in childcare and how did you resolve it?

Answer My 4 years old niece are starting her school.And she is fond to a cute little boy. W/o knowing the real meaning of girlfriend / boyfriend, she said that boy is her boyfriend. I tell her a story tha... Read More »

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What was your worst dental experience?

The worst 4 me was when I had a cavity removed(w/a drill) I kept felling pressure and it was very uncomfortable!

Tattoo Artists: What is your worst tattooing experience?

soooo, when i worked in Massachusetts, a guy came in and wanted his whole *** tattooed. so naturally, i priced it very high, secretly hoping to discourage him. but, it didn't work, so we made the a... Read More »

Moodkillers: What's your worst experience?

My boyfriend said "wow, you're kind of loose" in the middle of sex......Apparently he meant I was wetter than normal so he was slipping out but I started crying, haha. He sometimes has problems wit... Read More »

Your worst experience with a MD or RN or Clinic or hospital?

So far I have never had any problems....Wait, I read your profile and your in the medical field and adult entertainment field?