What was your most painfull experience?

Answer An old mate of mine thought I was trying to steal his girlfriend so he punched me in the bollocks as hard as he could. He's a massive bastard as well. I passed out of the pain eventually.

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Painfull feet?

The shoes I like best when my feet hurt are called Earth Shoes, you can buy them at your local Walmart, or maybe shoes that have the right arch length for your feet. I wear New Balance tennis shoe... Read More »

How painfull are lip piercings?

Its like a 4/10. I mean compared to a lope piercing its slightly more painful but compared to a cartilage its not as bad. Its a 2 second pinch. Just don't look at the needle or when its being pierc... Read More »

How painfull is an earlobe peircing?

seriously, they can pierce infants ears, and you dont think you'll be able to handle that?just dont get it done with a gun, for various reasons. more risk of infection. more painful. the blunt earr... Read More »

How to get rid of painfull mouth ulcer's?

Hey! Here are some tips to get rid of mouth ulcers:*Sleep - sleeping gives your body time to repair any cuts/sores and often ulcers are caused by lack of sleep*Keep your mouth clean - brush twice a... Read More »