How to Get Over an Embarassing Moment?

Answer Oh no! You just dropped your lunch tray in front of everyone and made a huge mess! You walked around for a day with your skirt tucked into your underpants! Did you wet yourself by accident? How do ... Read More »

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This is really embarassing...PLEASE serious help?

First of cannot return sex toys to any store, any where. They are 100% not allowed to take returns. So don't worry that someone used it & returned it. It could be an allergic reaction..... Read More »

How do u get rid of embarassing bad breath?

I don't really have an answer but you don't really think you caught bad breath from another person do you? Oh, my gosh, that is so funny.

Embarassing things you would do for fun?

Ok...lets spice up this scavenger hunt a little bit.I assume you are both female??? If there are guys on both teams, have one of the males go up to a female and ask for a tampon. If it is just fem... Read More »

A VERY embarassing question?

You should be a stand up comidian.Thanks for the laugh.Wings is on at midnight, channel 10....