What is the funniest thing you heard your child say to you responding to a question or comment?

Answer I was pregnant at the time and my best friends daughter (age 6) and I were talking about the baby. She told me she wanted to talk to the baby. She looked at me very seriously and asked me to open... Read More »

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In what address do I send our Home funniest video entry at Bitoys funniest videos?

You can check on tv at the end of Americas funniest home videos on tv they will tell you the address if you find the address plaese post it ok

What is the funniest thing your baby has done?

Oh my lord, the dirty bird. I only know about that because my boyfriend was showing me that during football season! That's hilarious that your baby does it.Mine is only a month but he's started s... Read More »

What is the funniest thing your child has said to you?

My brother retells a story about when his daughter was about 2, she was terrorizing the cat, trapping it with a laundry basket, and my brother says..."don't come crying to me if you get hurt!"...he... Read More »

What in your opinion is the funniest episode of the office?

Stress Relief. Season 5, Episode 14/15. It's about Stanley suffering a heart attack from Dwight's insane fire drill. A big part of it came from Stanley being stressed. So, Michael decided that it ... Read More »