What was your first "liquor" experience like?

Answer I was 15 years old and spending the night with a friend one Friday night. She was babysitting, so I went along to help. We got into the people's liquor cabinet and I took out a 32 oz. plastic tum... Read More »

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How old were you when you first got drunk What was the experience like?

Age 15 New Years eve, at a family party. Got drunk on whiskey and dry...I was soooo sick...everywhere lol!

What was your homebirth experience like?

My home birth was, in a word, incredible. It was exactly what birth should be. No interventions. No impatience on the part of the midwives. Nobody telling me what I could or couldn't, should or sho... Read More »

What is your experience when you first time put on a nosering?

realy u r very nice lovely energetic pretty and full of humanity but no one understand your feelings u have more struggle for life am i right

What has your experience with adoption been like?

This was my answer to a similar question:I hate adoption. I realize that at times it may be necessarry, like with foster children, but I still hate it for the kids. Adoption comes from loss. No bab... Read More »