What was your first drink of 2009?

Answer Lemonade

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What was your First meal of 2009?

Late last night : hot potato with steamed broccoli with mozzarella cheese on top!

What is your first drink of the day?

Gin and tonic is my only drink of the day lol really it is water like you and then a cup of mint tea and then the gin hehehehe

Do you remember your first alchoholic drink, and what was it!?

I was 20 and it was with a guy who was 34. We had Schmitt Sohne Riesling in the blue bottle. I fell in love with wine for that moment on and now at 29, I still very much enjoy it.

Your first drink?

I was 15 when I had my very first alcoholic beverage. It was a pina colada, (which is still my favorite drink other than strawberry daiquiris)!!