What was your first camera?

Answer my first camera was a Kodak Duoflex. it used 620 roll film, black and white only. it was held at waist level and had a neck strap. that was about 1956. processed own film and did own printing. m... Read More »

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What camera should a buy as your first camera?

When you are getting your first camera get Sony it is easy to learn how to use and a really good features. My first camera was a Sony and I still use it today.

What is your first thought when you see a vandalised Speed Camera?

Last time I saw a vandalised camera I laughed so hard I nearly bought a round.

What was the first available digital camera that was comprable to a 35mm film camera?

The first digital camera based upon the body of a 35mm camera was the Kodak DCS420 (based upon a Nikon body)…Really the first digital camera to match film... Read More »

Which lenses should you choose for your first 35mm SLR camera?

35 or 50 mm in a fixed lens, or a 35-70 (approx) zoom. Buy the best lens you can afford, and learn to use it well before moving onward. It is better to become proficient with one lens than confused... Read More »