What was your favourite childhood programme?

Answer Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room, to name two. This was Los Angeles CA in 1960.

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What was your favourite childhood t.v programme?

Button Moon, Fraggle Rock, Trap Door, The Gummy Bears, He- Man, She-ra, and The Rag Dolls to name but a few. Whew, thx for the trip down memory lane!To answer COLEYS question it was the Samead and ... Read More »

What was your childhood favourite TV programme?

the kenny everett show (honest), charlie chalk, chucklevision, thunderscats, there's loads!

What's your favourite childhood tv programme?

Whats your favourite childhood tv programme?

I loved so many, including;Button MoonCount DuckulaFraggle RockCockle Shell BayBut my all time Favourite has to be POB! I wrote to him when I was about 8 and asked him what his favourite flavour of... Read More »