What's your favorite part of "doing it yourself"?

Answer feeling like myself

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Without being XXX rated, what is your favorite body part?

I would have to stay my torso. My chubbiness is evenly spread out so I'm shapely but still healthy c=

What is your favorite part of Christmas other than getting presents?

The night before Christmas- having an open house. Having friends and family just stopping in for a drink and a laugh. Eating good food, enjoying the smells and sights. Christmas lights on houses, s... Read More »

What is your favorite part in an oreo the cookie or the stuf?

Choose your favorite names based on meaning part 5!!!?

Interesting!Levi MilesTheodore BennettRosalie AliceLevi and Theodore aren't bad by actual name. Rosalie is a beautiful name as is Alice, but I don't like them as a combination. :)