What was your favorite attraction at Chuck E. Cheese?

Answer Skee-Ball. Unless we count the pizza and ensuing show an attraction.

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If you have to pick, what would you say is your least favorite attraction in Disney World?

Sounds Dangerous at Hollywood Studios. The last time I was there, the theatre was really beat up. And they have you put these disgusting headphones on. Then you sit in the dark and listen to sou... Read More »

How much cheese could Chuck E. Cheese chuck if Chuck E. Cheese could chuck cheese?

For as long as people buy it and eat it Chuck E. Cheese will keep on chucking all the cheese that we eat. (I like Chuck E. Cheese he is so cute…

Can you go to Chuck E Cheese if you are 12?

Yes, you can go to Chuck E Cheese. But you can't legallly use Yahoo unless you are 13 years old, or older. It doesn't matter if you are almost 13 or if your parents say it is ok. It's a federal ... Read More »

Can i get into Chuck E. Cheese?