What is the dumbest or craziest thing a stranger ever said to you about your baby and how did you respond ?

Answer My daughter was pretty much bald till she was 18 months old. So I took her and got her ears pierced at 4 months, wore pinks, purples and other girly outfits on her when we would go out, BUT I woul... Read More »

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What are the craziest things people have done/said whilst looking at/holding your baby?

the other day there this old lady walked past us whilst we were holding our little boy and did a u-turn and came back up to us and rummaged about her carrier bags and pulled out a big birthday card... Read More »

Whats the silliest/craziest thing your child turned into a toy?

To my toddler son, tampons=rocket ships :)I don't get it, LOL.

What is the craziest pregnancy advice you have gotten?

Sing to your stomach so your baby can get used to your voice. Believe me, it works. ;)

What is the craziest thing about soap operas?

That people are alive one minute and dead the next until they get resurrected.People sleeping with their mother's or sister's boyfriend.They talking about the same thing over and over again.Their i... Read More »