What is the craziest pregnancy advice you have gotten?

Answer Sing to your stomach so your baby can get used to your voice. Believe me, it works. ;)

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What's the most craziest thing you've ever done or said to a telemarketer?

I told them I would have to go down in the basement and find my Mommy because she stays there and never comes up but sometimes the neighbor man goes down to see her and he was down there now , whil... Read More »

Why do people believe the craziest myths?

oh my gosh. lol the lady at WIC told me if you give boys soy formula they have more a chance of being gay, because it has more estrogen in it. lol i didn't believe her though. some people think in ... Read More »

What's the craziest veggie stereotype/myth?

I have heard plenty of those myths, including some of these gems:A) All vegetarians support extreme, violent measures to "liberate" animals.B) Vegetarians don't believe in keeping any pets at all.C... Read More »

Whats the craziest name for a mixed drink?

There was this bar in New Orleans for like 50 years, Nick's Original Big Train Bar, right across the street from the Dixie Brewery. The now-deceased owner was Nick Castrogiovanni who made ridiculo... Read More »