Can the type of toilet paper used cause toilet-flushing problems?

Answer Maybe, but generally it's the amount of TP one uses that causes the problems. That, and the new low-flush water saver toilets. Thinner would likely be better than softer, because some of the so... Read More »

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What is the softest brand of toilet paper you have used?

Like everyone else has stated, Charmin is the best. I remember watching the old Charmin commercials with Mr. Whipple when I was growing up and would always "squeeze the Charmin" when we would go gr... Read More »

Who invented toilet paper rolls?

Zeth Wheeler is credited with the invention of the toilet paper roll. In 1871 he was granted a patent for rolled wrapping paper and in 1874 established the Rolled Wrapping Paper Company. Struggling... Read More »

Who invented the toilet paper holder?

Mary Beatrice Kenner is credited with being the inventor of the toilet paper holder on Oct. 19, 1982. The idea behind her invention was to keep the free end of the toilet paper accessible to those ... Read More »

What did people use before paper money was invented?

The first true coins were made in Lydia of a gold-silver alloy, electrum. The kings of this ancient kingdom took advantage of the vast repository of electrum and became wealthy by mining and mintin... Read More »