What was used as money in ancient Egypt?

Answer According to a 2008 expedition by Nadine Moeller, assistant professor of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, grain was used as money in ancient Egypt. Gil Stein, director of the Or... Read More »

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What was gold used for in ancient egypt?

In Ancient Egypt, gold was primarily used for royal or religious ornamentation, or both, such as masks, statutes, jewelry and coffins. Gold was given religious reverence but had no economic value a... Read More »

Who used sundials in ancient Egypt?

The people of ancient Egypt commonly used sundials in various sizes and forms. Tall obelisks located in key locations in the cities were elements of larger sundials for public use by all citizens. ... Read More »

Who used hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt?

In ancient Egypt, scribes used hieroglyphics to write formal inscriptions on holy monuments such as tombs and temples. There were so many scribes in Egypt that an entire level of bureaucracy formed... Read More »

How were tools used in ancient egypt?

The ancient Egyptians created one of the most powerful civilizations and some of the most enduring artifacts in human history. Remarkably, they did so using tools and devices little different from ... Read More »