What was used as money in ancient Egypt?

Answer According to a 2008 expedition by Nadine Moeller, assistant professor of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, grain was used as money in ancient Egypt. Gil Stein, director of the Or... Read More »

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When did ancient Egypt end?

The final centuries of ancient Egyptian civilization saw several foreign rulers, including the Persians and the Macedonians. Then, the Roman Empire annexed Egypt in 30 A.D., permanently ending inde... Read More »

Where was ancient Egypt?

The pyramids and other archaeological ruins of ancient Egypt lie within the borders of the modern day nation of Egypt in the northeastern corner of Africa. Ancient Egyptian civilization developed ... Read More »

What do hieroglyphics tell us about ancient Egypt?

Hieroglyphics, pictures used to represent sounds, are one of the world's oldest forms of writing. Archeologists and other scientists use can learn much about ancient Egyptian society by interpretin... Read More »

What did the ba represent in ancient Egypt?

In ancient Egypt, the ba represented a person's soul. It was believed to be able to leave the body and freely travel. After death, the ba was believed to travel through the "realm of the dead" and ... Read More »