What was the first name of Princess Cruises?

Answer Princess has always been their name. The first boat chartered was the Princess Patricia; it was owned by the Canadian Pacific Railroad. When Stanley McDonald created Princess Cruises he got permiss... Read More »

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Are the Viking River Cruises Holiday Cruises for families?

I haven't been on a Viking river cruise, but I have been on a Danube River cruise. On my cruise there were no children at all. I have a feeling that none of the river cruises are for children. ... Read More »

What was the first movie on hbo?

According to "HBO Soundtrack:Home Box Office 5 Years - Nov 1977 HBO Guide," the first program and film broadcast on HBO was "Sometimes a Great Notion." The film starred Paul Newman and Henry Fonda... Read More »

What was the first cowbow movie to be shown on BBC?

What was the first movie to scare you and how old were you?

The Birds and I am so old that I do not remember how old I was. I do remember that it was at a sleep over and the parents got permission from the parents for us to watch it. We were all so scared... Read More »