What was this device?

Answer I remember when this came out.You were supposed to program in information about yourself and when someone that was compatible came near, it beeped.I never actually saw anyone in Japan with these an... Read More »

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What is this device called...?

a timer switch/ can pick them up for next to nothing.infact i have two just gathering dust.pity i can't email stuff

What is this device called?

This sounds like you're describing a (USB plug-in) modem.One that I can think of is the "Magic Jack", which just plugs into your laptop's open (unused) USB port. "Cricket", "Alltel", and "Verizon w... Read More »

What is this DEVICE please?

You say the device on the right has a central antenna. I don't see any devices in your pictures, only see 2 uhf unidirectional antennas sticking up behind a block wall.

Everytime i download instagram on my android transform it sayd this phone is not compatible with this device ?

Mines saying the same thing on my phone I have Huawei-M835 android what do I do to fix this problem