What was the worst flood in history?

Answer According to Louisiana State University, the worst flood in history--by death toll--occurred when the Huang He (Yellow) River in China flooded in 1931. While exact figures do not exist, it is estim... Read More »

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What was the worst flood in the Clutha District?

The worst flooding in New Zealand's Clutha District occurred in September and October of 1878. At the worst point of the flooding, warm rainfall coupled with melting winter snows sent more than 201... Read More »

What is the worst loss in NFL history?

The worst loss in NFL history took place in the 1940 NFL Championship game. The Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73 to 0. The second worst loss in NFL history took place in 1999, when the... Read More »

What is the worst weather in Okoboji history?

Okoboji, Iowa experienced the infamous Great Lakes Flood of 1993, the most devastating in United States history. The state of Iowa was at the center of the damage, which destroyed about 23 million ... Read More »

What was the worst wildfire in world history?

The worst wildfire in U.S. history was not as recent as you might think. In 1871, a wildfire erupted in the forest of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, burning everything in its wake from October 8 through Octo... Read More »