TTC ladies and Mummies, how many of you have asked a question here and not received a snide answer?

Answer HeyI ask loads of questions as you know LOL!And maybe the odd one, if say 6/7 people answer then they are generally trying to help.But with other questions most of the time, its like people always ... Read More »

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Do you need to pay tax for the interest received on the principle amount received by the court in the case of accidental claim?

YES the interest income will have to be reported on your 1040 federal income tax return along with all of your other gross worldwide income and would be subject to income tax at your marginal tax r... Read More »

Received disability insurance payments for 1 year found you received settlement and want overpayment back and reduced your monthly payment is this right?

It changed are world besause so many opeople died and those were the highest buildings ever.

What is the wierdest thing you have eaten?

The weirdest thing I've NEVER eaten is Balut.....A fertilised duck embyo with its' egg. Feathers beak feet etc.No I'm sure I'd eat almost anything but not that. Yeuk

Where's the wierdest place you've gotten a mosquito bite?

The worst I've gotten is...My ear (right on the cartilage too!)My lipMy eyelidMy scalp!My toesThe bottom of my feet (or my palms)A spot on my back that I couldn't reach so I had to use a shoe horn ... Read More »