What was the value of the mexican peso vs. the us dollar in 2000?

Answer In 2000, the exchange for pesos equal to $1 ranged from a high average of 9.83 for June to an average low of 9.27 in August. Values of currency change daily. One peso equaled roughly $0.10 for the ... Read More »

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What sign do you use for Mexican peso?

The Mexican peso is indicated by the same sign used for the US dollar: $. The familiar sign also finds use for other currencies, such as the dollar currencies in Fiji and Brunei.Source:Online Cur... Read More »

What is the value of the Dominican peso?

The value of the Dominican peso fluctuates daily, but as of March 5, 2010, one Dominican peso equals 0.027739 U.S. dollars, according to the Google currency conversion utility. Put another way, on... Read More »

Who is on the Mexican 20 peso bill?

The Mexican 20 peso bill bears the face of Benito Juárez. Juárez, who was president of Mexico between 1861 and 1872, was Mexico's first and only Indian president and is highly regarded in Mexican... Read More »

Where did the Mexican peso originate?

The Mexican peso originated from, and is based on, the silver dollar of imperial Spain, also known as "pieces of eight." The peso was the first currency in the world to display the dollar sign ($).... Read More »