What was the vacuum cleaner like in the early 1900s?

Answer the refrigerater is a device which enables us to preserve the food and keep it fresh until we take it out

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Who was the inventor of the vacuum cleaner in the 1900s?

They will probably be good (and at their best) for maybe 3 or 4 days if kept wrapped up tightly or in an air-tight container.

A vacuum cleaner uses 800 W of power The voltage source is 100 V What is the current flowing through the vacuum cleaner?

I would like to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner that can vacuum the edges of?

Any vacuum with a brush attachment Will clean edges and keyboards

How much did a vacuum cleaner cost in the early 1900's?

It is normal for dishwashes to discharge below the sink into the "S bend" (otherwise called the trap) this trap is there to stop the smell from the drain coming into the house. Often there is a spi... Read More »