What was the treaty that said that the US would aid any nation in resisting the growing threat of communism and became the guiding force of American foreign policy during the Cold War?

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Despite the fact that war tactics and technology have changed since the American Revolution can any parallels be made between the minutemen and those who serve in the military today?

No, it must be appealed to the C.O. of the military branch (i.e.: The Pentagon) you were discharged from.The above answer is incorrect. Former members can apply to have their characterization of se... Read More »

I read on yahoo answers Malaysia that an Asian Disney radio jock Jeremy shum was going to be on American idol but it ended up he's not going to be on which one is it i am a bit confused?

What Did Ethan Allen Have to Do in the American Revolution?

Ethan Allen is often called the "folk hero" of Vermont. He is known primarily for his leadership of the Green Mountain Boys in the siege of Fort Ticonderoga at the onset of The American Revolution.... Read More »

Who was John Paul Jones& what did he contribute to the American Revolution?

John Paul Jones commanded a fleet of several ships as they harassed British ships during the Revolutionary War. He won his fame for besting a British ship during a 1779 battle, despite his own ship... Read More »