What was the treatment of the mentally handicapped in the early 1900s?

Answer The mentally handicapped have a hard time learning new information and may even have disabilities that prevent them performing physical tasks properly. Although the mentally challenged are now trea... Read More »

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Is it alright to use the symbol for the handicapped to make fun of people you consider mentally handicapped

Schools for the Mentally Handicapped?

Finding a school where a mentally handicapped person has the opportunity to learn new skills and flourish in a stimulating environment can be a challenge. The ideal school is one that not only supp... Read More »

How many people in the US are mentally handicapped?

All children need to express themselves. There is no difference in a child who stutters/stammers and a child who does not. We should be good listeners and allow all children to learn to express the... Read More »

Mentally handicapped children/degrees?

Major in special education. You will be qualified to teach the mentally handicapped and the learning disabled. There are also specialties such as aspergers syndrome and autism.