What was the steam train made?

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What is the name of the fastest steam train?

The steam locomotive, Mallard, pulled a train at the record speed of 126 mph. I think it was about 1937.You can see this beautiful blue beast in York railway Museum.(Like a bride, a locomotive has... Read More »

What was the worlds fastest steam train?

Isn't it interesting to see that although 4468 "Mallard" did the record-breaking trip in 1938, what's the normal speed for a so-called "High Speed Train" in Great Britain almost seventy years later... Read More »

Train Experts: What is the thing ("Plow") in front of an old steam engine called?

Yup. I'll just add the technical name for the device is a "pilot." These included "slatted" types (cow catcher) and pilot plows as Rango points out. Steam engines had either, but pretty much all... Read More »

How to Build a Steam Train Whistle?

Every little boy is fascinated with trains. Whether playing with model trains or making a train from crates and boxes, having a steam train whistle makes the activity twice as much fun. A wooden tr... Read More »