Parents- how do you explain to a 7 years old why there are black history but not white history month?

Answer You know I wonder that myself. I appreciate what the black community has done for our country. I'm thrilled that race has been more and more seen as just skin color and nothing more. I'm glad ra... Read More »

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What is the only team in NFL history to win 4 Super Bowls in 7 years?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team in NFL history to win four Super Bowls in seven years. In fact, they did it in six--1975, 1976, 1979 and 1980. The 1970s Steelers sent nine players to the ... Read More »

How to Show Years of Good Payment History on a Credit Report?

In many cases, a creditor can gauge your payment history by simply downloading the credit report through an electronic service. If for some reason you must provide a printed credit report to a cred... Read More »

What should you do if ASO titre 600 of a 10 years old female baby but she has no history of chronic tonsillitis or joint pain?

If a parent has been absent for 4 years of a child's life can visitation be granted to that person despite his drug abuse and criminal history?

Answer This is certainly a difficult question and it's obvious you are very concerned about the child and well you should be. If the father has cleaned up his act (for sure) and made a valiant eff... Read More »